Sacred Seven Energy Touch by AVIANA

Sacred Seven Energy Touch by AVIANA

40 minutes / $75 at Brownstone Station Wellness Center

Call Nancy to schedule appointment.

Sacred Seven Energy Therapy by AVIANA provides transformational impact for mind, body, and spirit, encouraging deep relaxation and balance.  It is a stand-alone component of AVIANA Life Touch Therapy when time is of essence. Take a 'moment' to enjoy this truly peace inducing experience.

  • Improving Circulation
  • Reducing Blood Pressure
  • Stimulating Balance
  • Strengthening Immune Function
  • Improving Depression/Anxiety
  • Releasing Endorphins - Natural Pain Killers
  • Accelerating Bodies Self-Healing

In every age and stage of wellness, dis-ease, and disease, including cancer.

For Recovery. For Prevention.


Woman laying on table having her head massaged

"I loved the depth & diversity of the instructor (Nancy E. Schmitt). She brought a colorful and intricate weave of material and subject matter, was respectful and open in her approach and held a supportive and energetic environment for learning.”

Anonymous (York, PA class)