AVIANA — Life Experience Unfolded

AVIANA was not a thought process or life plan but instead emerged as my life experience unfolded. It happened spontaneously yet contained the whole of who I am. It is a touch of divine working through one, to make unseen energy visible through those empowered by an AVIANA experience. 

I am grateful to have made a living from the creative outcome of people, places, sounds, scents, and extraordinary happenings that touched, inspired, and informed my work. There is nothing original in the body of knowledge that shaped my offering yet everything AVIANA is one of a kind; a blend of wisdom that is original.  

I possess an uncommon combination of intuition and thinking, a highly developed imagination, natural perceptions, extensive learning, and an ability to apply detail to my thoughts and experiences. I look forward to sharing deeply personal life experiences and inspirations that shaped the many dimensions of my company, AVIANA. 

In the next series of monthly newsletters, I will share personal stories to touch, inform, and perhaps inspire. 

In March, I will begin with stories from awe-inspiring experiences with Ke Kumu (Traditional Hawaiian Healers). And through the months I will share learnings from scientists, healers, and everything in between, including my personal intuitive experiences, dreams that speak of connection beyond the living, and so much more. I welcome you and your friends to a glimpse of my life journey and the healing that can come to us all by way of sharing and remembering our own experiences. 

Aviana’s Life TouchEnergy Tocuh Training. 

Should you feel someone you know will be touched by my distinctive stories, please share my newsletters. It is a way of communicating an idea, a feeling, a moment, and a possibility. Importantly, it is a way to show the beauty within and surrounding us even in the most difficult times. Through you, I can share stories and experiences I love, with remarkable people. Thank you.