AVIANA Life Touch Training

25-hour AVIANA Certification Training

Life Touch is based on the concept that the power of touch with skilled hands and open heart can have a profound impact on individual health and wellbeing. It is a unique blend of worldly-wise energy healing concepts created to support individual in every age and stage of wellness including those with cancer, pain and stress. Life Touch is an exclusive energy bodywork combined with a thoughtful blend of mindfulness meditation, touch point therapy, massage, and intuition with influences from Native American and Traditional Hawaiian healing concepts. This modality is designed to support medical procedures and treatment programs safely and effectively. It promotes physical and mental relaxation that helps alleviate the perception of pain and creates empowerment by reminding the mind-body-spirit of its inherent wholeness and healing power.

  • Improving circulation and reducing blood pressure
  • Stimulating energy movement and balance
  • Releasing endorphins - the body’s own pain killers
  • Strengthening immune function
  • Discovering moment-to-moment awareness
  • Promoting physical and mental tools for relaxation
  • Accelerating the body’s self-healing abilities

$175 (Graduates Repeating Training)

"I attended your class in Niles, or Skokie, IL, probably over 15 years ago. I took the massage for cancer patients class. I have my own office and do Somatic Experiencing as well as massage. I feel like I learned so much about energy work that I still use today. You were by far my favorite teacher I’ve had in my 25 years of massage. Thank you so much."

Karen Norwood

"This was by far the best continuing education course I have taken, and I have taken several. The body of work is powerful, and Nancy's delivery was inspiring. Thank you!"

Marcia, Bear, DE workshop