AVIANA Radiant Renewal

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90 minutes / $150 / Loyalty Member $140

Includes Energy Assessment, Discussion, Personal Energy Anatomy Sketch and Aviana Energy Touch Therapy. Prior to the appointment, you will complete a brief questionnaire requiring quiet, focused thought.

Our bodies naturally enjoy an automatic internal self-preservation system for balance, including a continuous self-regulating process for maintaining stability and survival. When stress becomes chronic and homeostasis is disrupted for too long, overtaxing the body’s adaptive mechanisms, health and well-being suffer.

This healing collaboration restores balance, supports self-awareness, and encourages the organic restorative anatomy.

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"I have referred patients to Nancy. I think of her as a uniquely gifted and educated energy bodyworker. The fact that I asked Nancy to provide a treatment to my brother who lay dying in ICU reveals the high regard I have for her. That regard is now further heightened by my deeper understanding of her extensive energy training. and  personal mission."

Donna Testa MD