AVIANA Hands-On Training

Partner with Nancy, described as a life-changing presenter, gifted storyteller, and inspirational teacher. Her workshops consistently receive the highest-level ratings in every class evaluation. Through a combination of lecture, demonstration and guided hands-on practice, Nancy, author of AVIANA bodywork, will share the deeply personal and exclusive tapestry of massage, touch therapy, meditation, and energy bodywork she created.

AVIANA is seeking to establish relationships with massage schools, wellness centers, spas, hospitals, and nursing organizations throughout the country. Team with Nancy to offer your students a body of work that delights and transforms clients in every age and stage of wellness, including cancer.


AVIANA rituals harmonize the invisible along with the physical to lift individuals to a new level. AVIANA Life Touch and AVIANA Energy Touch are a by-product of some of the world’s oldest holistic health and healing systems practiced and studied by millions for thousands of years. Students will learn how Nancy has woven specifically selected concepts into a timely body of work that turns no one away.

Learn about Nancy’s intense study and training with international healers, body workers, scientists and leaders in Mind-Body Medicine, Energy, Native American and Hawaiian Healing and more. For more information, click here.

The AVIANA Life Touch ritual is a prevention tool that also supports medical procedures and treatment programs safely and effectively. This integrated energy-based training, in combination with massage, touch point techniques and other healing concepts, is impactful at every age and stage of life.

AVIANA gently and safely works to stimulate the immune system - the body's own defense against illness - and helps support each individual's personal health and healing effort.

AVIANA students and their clients are given the option to remain fully clothed or to undress to their level of comfort. Throughout training, all practices will be done clothed.

"Nancy, I thoroughly enjoyed your instruction. Your stories and your experiences are invaluable to me. I've learned more than I expected and the course taught me more than I had imagined. You've been blessed with a gift and I appreciate your desire to share! Thank you!"

Rebecca, Life Touch Graduate

"I believe that Nancy’s Aviana Touch Therapy is one of the blessings that have enabled me to cross the bridge from being a cancer patient to a cancer survivor.”

Natasha, Life Touch Graduate