Helping you Live Well through the Pandemic

The economic and social disruption caused by the pandemic is devastating. Many people are grieving the loss of their old lives and would love nothing better than to pick up where they left off. Others are convinced their lives will never be the same.

Fear and anxiety about this new disease, as well as the extreme steps taken to control the disease, is overwhelming, making people feel isolated and lonely with increased stress. 

Stress is defined as a state of mental or emotional strain caused by adverse circumstances and can be a physical, mental, or emotional response that is detrimental if prolonged. Chronic stress negatively impacts our immune system.

What Steps Are You Taking To Preserve Health And Well-Being? 

There are tried-and-true holistic ways of reducing stress and anxiety to experience more constructive emotions that help promote a healthier lifestyle, boost our immune system, and fight off stress. 

Incorporate a few to strengthen your body/mind.

  • Smile – Elevate mood, lower heart rate, and reduce stress, even if not genuine. 
  • Exercise – A healthy option that can take your mind off worries and negative thoughts. 
  • Laugh – Good medicine as it increases endorphins while reducing cortisol.
  • Listen – Your favorite music can reverse tension. Perhaps sing and dance along.
  • Eat Right – Stress levels and a proper diet are closely related.
  • Talk with a friend – If not in person, set up a video or face time.
  • Be Mindful – Consider yoga, Pilates, meditation, or tai chi. 
  • Diffuse Pure Essential OilsAVIANA’s signature blend offers stress-reducing qualities. 

4 Key Essential Oils and Their Health Values

Several specifically selected oils in Aviana’s nine essential oil blend contain therapeutic properties that target stress and anxiety in addition to having other significant health values.

  • It is suggested that Chamomile has a pronounced effect on the mind and nervous system comforting both the head and brain. 
  • Lavender is well known for its superior fragrance while recommended as treatment for respiratory congestion and to promote rest and sleep. 
  • Lemon is well-established for chemoprotective activity against many types of cancer and used to restore stress-induced immunosuppression. 
  • Orange is well studied for benefiting patients suffering from anxiety. 
  • Orange (and Lemon) are used as an antidepressant and are known for their antifungal activity. 

Aviana Signature Blend is a rich, fruity, floral cleansing blend specifically created to support all individuals in every age and stage of wellness, dis-ease, and disease, including cancer. It supports the physical health and emotional/mental state of being for those who use it. To learn more about other significant therapeutic properties of Aviana’s Signature Blend click here.