KE KUMU ‘O MAUNA LANI — Life Experience Unfolded Part 1

A – for aloha, meaning greetings and welcome with love.
L – for launa, meaning friendly, a feeling from the heart.
O – for olu olu, meaning pleasure of being helpful and kind.
H – for hau’oli, meaning happy, the happiness of sharing.
A – for akahi, meaning humble, giving, and serving.

The nourishing spirit of Kalahuipua’a (now known as Mauna Lani) was the first gathering place of the Hawaiian Masters at Ke Kumu. These cultural masters, kupuna, living treasures, and keepers of wisdom inspired us with physical and spiritual healing on the Big Island in 2005. Each day I felt blessed to be surrounded by these loving individuals as they shared their life stories and personal journeys, adding layers to my life and life work, Aviana Essential Oil and Life Touch. Their learning was passed down generation to generation and shared generously with invited guests. We heard legends, myths, and real-life happenings and I soaked up the healing energy that abound. This exclusive and extraordinary sharing happened sixteen years ago yet is as fresh as yesterday. Nothing has touched me as deeply as this experience and I am forever grateful.

We heard Aunty Raylene Lancaster, Kumu Hula and Storyteller, express and demonstrate the authentic and breathtaking hula. John Ka’Imikaua, Master Chanter, shared the protocol, spiritual aspects and sounds of Hawaiian chanting. At every turn you sensed the presence God. Some of my most memorable experiences included…

Kaniela Akaka – Mauna Lani’s Resident Hawaiian Historian and Cultural Director who shared stories of the local Kupana (Elders), Kahu (Hawaiian Priests), and Healers and the history and legends of Mauna Lani, known as the center of physical and spiritual healing on the Big Island.

Our first morning together, Kaniela provided a traditional Hi’uwai and Ho’okupu, a purification ceremony at sunrise. We moved into the ocean to cleanse, followed by a prayerful walk beyond the fishponds to an altar where he gave praise and thanks to God for the new day. Touched deeply by the depth of this experience, I shared my gratitude with Kaniela and he gave me a ‘breath taking’ personal experience. He taught me the loving way of sharing life breath with another. We placed our hands on each other’s arms and touched our noses together and as he exhaled through the nose, he gently coaxed me to inhale. When I exhaled, he inhaled and, in those moments, time stood still as I breathed in the life force of this beautiful soul.

Margaret Machado – Aunty Margaret bases her practice on a deep belief in God (Akua) and calls on Akua to guide her in Lomi Lomi. She is a Master Kumu known for her source of power through love and healing of mana. She confirms Lomi Lomi is God’s as one massages the body with love and prayer. Aunty Margaret rarely spoke but through her daughter Norita Machado, she translated her wisdom.

Having studied Lomi Lomi in the states, by students of Aunty Margaret, the experience of ground level learning from the authentic master deepened my experience of providing Lomi Lomi to my clients. Aunty Margaret had few words to share but shared prayers and love generously. She spoke volumes. With deep respect, it was Norita who shared her mother’s life stories. I left reminded of something always held true in my heart, it is God’s grace that heals, and I am simply a vehicle that reminds my clients the true source.

Mona Kahele – Kumu Ho’oponopono – Making Right, Restoring Balance. Known as Kumu Mediator, she takes her values and the balance of nature into her mediations. As problems come up layer by layer, she prays between each layer to bring spirits close. She helps one search until the root is found so the problem can be eliminated.

One of her stories grounded me in the importance of falling quiet, observing nature with all senses, and noticing the tiny details that teach us significantly. In Hawaii, the first born to each family was raised by the grandparents to learn the family life work, their stories. Boys were raised by their paternal grandparents, and girls, by their maternal grandparents but for Aunty Mona, she was taught by her paternal grandfather. Grandfather saw in his granddaughter, the natural healing qualities to pass on their family lineage. Yet she moved through the same tests as the boys until she proved her natural ability and was chosen to continue their story.

When she was six years old, she (and the others) was sat alone by the ocean. She describes it as a blistering day, had no water to drink, and as a kid she just wanted to play and swim. However, in observing she noticed how a wave that came aggressively into the rocks and was pushed back with equal force, but water that rippled more gently into the rocks swirled in place awhile before rolling away. When the children were invited back to a campfire with grandfather, they shared water, refreshments, and what they learned. She said she learned that if people aggressively approach another with strong opinions and forceful words, they will be dismissed assertively but if a person approaches another gently and with shared feelings, and listen, they can communicate together and end the sharing as gently as they approached.

Today, while medicine continues to search for its soul, the Ke Kumu principles say prevention is better than cure and for every disease there is a cure. They reminded me …

  • God created the body capable of healing itself.
  • Listen to your inner voice.
  • Give love with no expectations back.
  • How you see the world is always your choice.
  • Synchronicity is the language of God.
  • Surround yourself by people who remind you of who you are.
  • Know that within us all is creator energy, life force and all things.
  • Use your body/mind in a way that does something good for someone else.
  • In a heightened state of awareness, you are ready for change.
  • Love and gratitude are words and thoughts that have a healing vibration.
  • Wear a smile. It changes your body to allow aloha coming from your heart.
  • We are all connected; dis-connectedness is an illusion.

Words have extraordinary power; you can speak and think things into existence.



  1. Christine Bair on March 19, 2021 at 9:36 am

    Aloha! It’s clear you have awakened to heart consciousness where we experience both our unity and our highest particular expression of the divine. We share this with the world in healing ways.
    Many blessings,

  2. Amber Ash on March 19, 2021 at 1:53 pm

    Thank-you, for sharing this wisdom. I took one of your workshops years ago in Santa Cruz, CA. @ five branches Acupucture school, sponsored by EVB. Hope you are well.
    Aloha, Amber Ash 🌺🌸

  3. Maryliz on March 20, 2021 at 6:30 am

    Thank you for sharing this, Nancy. It’s beautiful. Sometimes, we need to be reminded of how connected all of us our and how wonderful each of us is in our own special way. Maryliz