KE KUMU ‘O MAUNA LANI — Life Experience Unfolded Part 2

ALOHA – and welcome to the second sharing of stories from my 2003 & 2005 Ke Kumu experiences in Hawaii.


Sandwiched somewhere between my Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction 5-day Professional Training with Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli in 2002 and the Consciousness in Action – The Science and Practice of Transformation Ions Conference with Robert Thurman, Dean Radin, Tom Lewis, Lynne McTaggart, Charles Tart and Edgar Mitchell in 2007, I enjoyed a two life changing experiences with the Traditional Hawaiian Healers.

In last months blog I shared stories about Kaniela Akaka, Cultural Director, Margaret Machado, Master Kumu Lomi-Lomi, and Mona Kahele, Kumu Mediator & Kumu Ho’opononpono. I also gently introduced Aunty Raylene Lancaster, Kumu Hula and Storyteller by sharing the beauty in witnessing her Hula.

Today I wish to share another story Aunty Raylene spoke of, our Bowl of Life. She said that in life, each of us is given a bowl that we carry throughout our lifetime. The light in our bowl is the breath of life given by the Creator and our goal is to keep it lit and build upon it. There are many ways to build and extinguish our light and she shared examples of both. Aunty Raylene used the analogy of tossing a stone into or out of our bowl by way of our experiences and behaviors through our lifetime.

Tossing stones into our bowl happens when we experience or express unkind words and deeds, are ungrateful or arrogant. Our bowls grow heavier when we cheat, lie, steal, cause other to feel badly about themselves or when others treat us in these unkind ways. With a heavy bowl of stones, our light diminishes and the weight we carry through our lives is heavy, slowing us down and causing us to feel tired or unfulfilled. She says that when our light diminishes, we cannot hear the words from our Creator.

Yet, Aunty Raylene reminds us that we have control over the weight of our bowl by tossing stones out and increasing the brightness of our light. We have every chance to offer gratitude, give thanks, make others feel comfortable, mentor, support, and give love with no expectation in return. She says we lighten our bowl by using our God given gifts and surround ourselves with people who remind us who we truly are. Through kindness, we lighten the weight of our bowls by tossing out stones. She encourages us to live with humility, smile, think kind thoughts, and enjoy as others do the same for us.

These stories, and the many experiences I enjoyed on the healing grounds of Mauna Lani, while surrounded by Ke Kumu and other impactful teachers such as Deepak Chopra, Lori Arviso Alvord MD and more, positively impacted my life. Each lesson added more layers of beautiful healing know-how to my body of work and the essential oil products created with same intentions. In my Life Touch Training Seminars, as well as my Workshops & Fun’Shops, these stories and lessons are shared to deepen and strengthen the learning experience and to honor and acknowledge the many extraordinary people who touched my life.

I look forward to the chance we will meet or meet again one day soon. Until then, may your bowl be light and bright.

Aloha …