Our Founder

International Energy Educator

Nancy is the founder of AVIANA and the exclusive teacher of her work; Life Touch by Aviana and Sacred Seven Energy by Aviana. With a personal cancer experience and a passionate interest in enhancing the quality of life for all persons, Nancy left her executive management position to advance her career in wellness in 1995. Described as a pioneer by colleagues and friends, and following her diagnosis with breast cancer, she began to focus her work on serving persons living with cancer, pain and extreme stress.

She remains a diligent student with untiring curiosity and sought out experiential and theoretical training opportunities at some of the most prestigious medical schools and educational centers in the country. In addition to Nancy’s management studies, her extensive health and wellness education includes training with well-respected international healers, scientists, and leaders in Mind-Body, Energy, Indian, Hawaiian and Native American Medicine as well as work with leading authorities in the fields of Aromatherapy, Mindfulness, Intuition, Intention, Massage, Meditation and more.

Nancy is a well-seasoned massage therapist, energy worker and AVIANA Life Touch practitioner who sold her spa to teach her personal modality to wellness practitioners, spas, and healthcare professionals throughout the country. She is a remarkable teacher and seasoned massage and energy body worker who possesses a distinct natural awareness, incomparable spirit, and genuineness for those she serves. Nancy is consistently evaluated at the highest level of satisfaction by students and attendees.


“Nancy is a woman of incredible vision imbued with a quiet strength and indomitable courage. Be assured that she has made a beautiful and lasting difference in my life as well as the lives of many others. I am forever grateful that she was on my path as a wise mentor, gifted healer and loving friend. I wish her continued blessings as she enriches the lives of others and stands as a role model for all of us who seek to live our dreams.”