TOUCH Comes in Many Forms

My work has provided me the opportunity to touch with skilled hands & heart, through words and scent, always with the intention to make a positive difference in the life of another. I have welcomed clients and referrals to my Life Touch table, hands-on seminars, and workshops. I loved the warmth of face-to-face connection and yearn to enjoy that opportunity again.

Today I’m connecting via video and blog with the most important ‘ingredient’ missing. You. Through the years and despite my time away I have the chance to say hello through the airwaves but would love to remember you. Perhaps, we’ll find a reason to meet or meet again.


I would love to hear, read, and come to know who you are, where and how we met and what’s important in your life today. Through the years I’ve owned and operated both Emerald Springs Spa in Hershey, PA and the Aviana Retreat Center in Harrisburg, PA. I’ve traveled the country and beyond teaching Life Touch by AVIANA Therapy (also known as Mindful Touch Therapy) and sharing my essential oil blend. I’ve spoken at National and Regional Conferences for nurses and massage therapists, Cancer Organizations, Cancer Support Groups, Medical Centers and personal gatherings.

Please take a moment to share your thoughts on my questionnaire. I’d love to remember the person behind the email address collected through my years of doing business. I’d like to know you.

Thank you for taking a moment to reintroduce yourself and share thoughts about a future connection.

Enjoy the remaining days in August and the second half of 2021. Be well. Nancy