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My life experience, passions, and dreams have been written into every move, touch, and thought embodied in Life Touch by AVIANA. It is my “personal touch work” and one that I am truly happy to share with you. I am grateful to receive graduate’s personal success stories and in combination with my own, I know we are providing something extraordinary, almost magical, and always comforting!

I remain humbled and inspired by the many people who have touched my life in the process of providing, and teaching, Life Touch by Aviana. With my whole heart, I thank you.

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Through the years, I have been asked several questions often, so I share my answers in the hope this information will also serve you well.

What Is Energy Bodywork?

Energy bodywork is a hands-on or hands-off method of treatment based on the flow of subtle vibration from one person to another to improve individual balance and to provide the optimum environment for self-healing. It involves the replenishment of human bio-currents and the release of energy disturbances and blocks. The client receiving treatment is typically in session for 30-60 minutes and may feel heat, tingling, vibration, or may simply notice the soothing effects.

Spiritual traditions have long believed all matter produces an energy field; Chi in China (QiGong, Tai Chi), Ki in Japan (Reiki), Prana in Tibet and India, Magnetism or OD in Germany, Mana/Ha Energy (Hawaii), as well as Orgone, Bio-Cosmic Energy, and BioPlasmic Energy.

It is not used to diagnose illness but instead used to support a treatment plan, improve optimum health, strengthen immunity, relieve pain and anxiety, reduce stress and more.

Candace Pert was an American neuroscientist and pharmacologist who discovered the opiate receptor, the cellular binding site for endorphins in the brain. She had lectured on chakras, various focal points used in a variety of ancient meditation and healing practices for many years, and found it fascinating how this ancient wisdom corresponds to modern science. She realized in 1987 that areas along the axis, from the top of the forehead to the base of the spine, where major chakras are found, correspond to what she called ‘nodal points’, places where lots of neurotransmitters and neuropeptides were released.

Why Did You Create Another Energy Healing Therapy?

Creating a body of work was never my intention, it simply unfolded in a way I describe as orchestrated by a higher power. I had left my ‘suit & tie’ life seeking something more meaningful and found my way to massage. I studied, graduated, and sought to open a little private massage practice in my hometown in Hershey Pennsylvania. The number one employer in town was the Penn State Milton Hershey Medical Center and I was the first alternative (complimentary) massage business. While signing my lease, I receive a cancer diagnosis and knew, based on my training at the time, that massage was contraindicated for cancer patients, when I needed it most.

I opened my business while undergoing treatment and saved money to begin an extensive study of world healing therapies. In addition to studying Mind/Body Medicine, Spirituality, Perspective, Intention, Intuition, advanced Massage Therapy practices and Meditation, including Mindfulness Meditation, I spent time studying a variety of Energy Healing concepts from multiple cultures.

I was intent on learning methods of safe touch that would turn no one away, while fascinated by the wide breath of effective offerings. From these many gifts of study emerged a culmination of common elements and, in combination with my inner sense of inclusion and flow, Life Touch by Aviana was founded.

How Did the Medical Community View Your Work?

My focus, when opening my practice, was to care for individual health goals including supporting their chosen medical procedures. I did not set out to win approval but simply wished to earn respect. I centered on supporting one client at a time and soon discovered that my clients shared their positive Life Touch experience with their doctors and nurses.

What began as referrals by oncology and other medical professionals, soon began a relationship inside and outside the medical community. At one point I had the honor (and perhaps you can say challenge) of presenting the concept of energy to an auditorium full of Penn State Milton Hershey medical students, their professors, and a few curious nurses and doctors. I was asked to share the most extreme aspects of energy but to be certain to reign it in so each attendee would think seriously about energy in healing.

I also presented on intuition in a smaller group of medical students and their professor. At the same time, I was involved in and speaking at organized cancer conferences and in private meetings with physician groups who wish to support recognized complementary offerings to their medical establishment.

What Does Perspective Have to Do With Life Touch by Aviana?

Perspective … that which is seen through an opening, a view, a vista.

As each new hands-on workshop begins, I ask class participants to challenge their perspective, which is subjective, to a more distant or objective one; the second- or third-person perspective; to come to the classroom with an open mind. I consider a broad perspective a form of possibility thinking.

Robert Schuller was an American Christian televangelist, pastor, motivational speaker, and author who described a possibility thinker as a person who begins to believe something just might be possible, somehow, someway, somewhere, someday – and in the magic moment of possibility thinking – three miracles occur: 1) Opportunity-spotting brain cells activate 2) Problem-solving brain cells come to life and 3) Determination-energizing chemicals are released into the bloodstream!

Life Touch is a culmination of many cultures and multiple perspectives. Learning this form of energy healing work exposes one to various philosophies and possibilities that strengthen the hands-on experience for both the giver and receiver. The classroom and work itself asks one to stretch, move away from a personal point of view and to be non-judgmental toward each client’s personal belief system, allowing us to look deep within the person to the level of the soul. In this way we can “touch” more deeply.

When providing this service to one who feels challenged by physical, emotional, or mental fatigue, a positive experience on, and after, the energy healing experience reminds a client that light at the end of the tunnel is possible. In my previous Retreat Center, I had a quote on the wall with a candle lite below saying ‘the light at the end of the tunnel is a mirror’. Life Touch by Aviana is created to strengthen the receiver, to provide them the chance to remember they possess a body/mind/spirit that is always striving for wellness. They are the light. The practitioner is there to simply help them remember that.

How Is Life Touch by Aviana Different Than Other Energy Healing?

Life Touch is a one-of-a-kind blend of many healing concepts. It is not one-point focused on energy, yet energy is central to everything we do. As a Reiki Master, I know the value of this Japanese form of energy, made very popular in the United Stated by the abundance of available teachers and training. I have also enjoyed receiving and gently studying other forms of energy healing such as Therapeutic Touch and Healing Touch. Each have stood the test of time as effective healing services. But life has taught me there are many ways to achieve healing, so Life Touch provides our world one more proven option.

Life Touch is my personal tapestry of core energy, in harmony with subtle but significant other healing concepts, and trusts the role each will play in the outcome. It begins with the way in which we prepare ourselves and our room, to the few words we share, and the quiet we bless our guests with throughout the experience and after experience. Life Touch applies attention with intention and uses important care in the where, why, and how we touch the energy body and physical body to pull in awareness and inspire pleasure.

Carolyn Myss, author, medical intuitive and a mystic, shared a thought in one of her many workshops. ‘Imagine every day you receive $100 worth of energy. Will you build equity, or will you grow debt?’

The lesson, in closing and in support of a healthy energy body, is to pay attention to when, where and why you leak energy, where you lose your spirit and when, where, why you grow energy. You will cultivate your spirit by investing time and energy into those things that help you grow. The right food, environment, relationships, emotions, behaviors etc.

I wish you a Holiday Season full of life, love, peace, and amazing health.


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